Peace Church of the Brethren

12727 S.E. Market

Portland OR 97233


Peace Church celebrates and affirms the image of God in persons of every age, gender, race, ability, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Peace Church has been an active congregation in Portland since 1904. The congregation moved from north Portland to its present location in 1956. Other community groups use the building for meetings occasionally. Brethren beliefs include a passion for Peace and Justice.

The Church of the Brethren has about 125,000 members in over 1,000 churches in the United States and Puerto Rico. Another 150,000 members belong to the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria, EYN.

Brethren roots go back to Schwarzenau, Germany in the early 1700s. Founder Alexander Mack was influenced by Pietists and Anabaptists. To avoid persecution in Europe, the Schwarzenau Brethren Church moved to colonial America by the mid-1700s and settled in Germantown, Pennsylvania. That colony was well-known for its religious tolerance. Over the next 200 years, the Church of the Brethren spread across the entire North American continent.

Peace Church Community
Peace Church Community

Simply put, we are a Christian community that believes in doing what Jesus did: helping people meet the practical and spiritual needs of day-to-day life. Using the New Testament as our creed and guide, we encourage a faith rooted in relationship with Christ and are respectful of each person’s voice; we maintain an unflagging commitment to peacemaking and reconciliation; and we reach out to all people as God’s children, our brothers and our sisters. We are a people who put faith into action, who seek to live for the glory of God and our neighbor’s good.

The congregation has about 50 regular attenders that range in age from 97 to under a year.  Our style of worship is informal and collaborative, sharing thoughts and ideas with each other as well as personal joys and pains.